SIENIDE is a multi-layered Artquarian who celebrates

his February 12 birth date with Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln.

Hailing from the Bronx, NY the strong influence of the hip-hop mecca is apparent in his wide ranging works.

His life and art has been inspired by the graffiti, poverty, and tuff love New York is known for.

From portraits to cityscapes, Sien often embeds thought-provoking messages in his pieces to stimulate awareness amongst his viewers.


Dozens of Sien’s masterfully illustrated murals are scattered throughout the five boros of NYC.

His public works engage a younger generation of street art enthusiasts with abstract compositions and mood altering color.

The reactions from the community are a main source of motivation to push his work ever-forward.

SIENIDE is an Illustrator, Author, Tattoo Artist and Professor currently teaching Digital Media Arts at TCI College in New York City.



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